Resilience In The Covid-Era

Resilience In The Covid-Era

SHE facilitated large investments and donations from partner foundations and donors for medical supplies and PPEs for health care workers:

As the Covid19 pandemic unraveled worldwide, SHE has been collaborating with their partner the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation for Health and Relief in Taiwan to facilitate donations of medical supplies and Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to Spain, to our partners at the Kenyan Red Cross Society and to other Red Cross / Red Crescent societies in Africa, including Sudan and South Sudan. SHE partner  the Tzu Chi Foundation in Taiwan has been generously sending donations of rapid test kits and PPE to +70 countries, including the first and worst affected countries impacted by Covid19, China, Italy, Spain, and USA


    COVID19 preparedness and Support for Maasai Communities:  

    SHE was partnering with local organizations and foundations to ensure the safe delivery of water and food to the Lenkobei Maasai community so they can #stayhome.

    SHE supported the Maasai Community in Lenkobei, Kenya, the local authorities, and health providers with information on Covid-19 preparedness and safety measures

    By supporting women in making masks for the community, we have been raising awareness about the risks of spreading Covid into the community and the ways to prevent the spread.


        • The establishment of a legal “Maasai Community Based Organization” in Lenkobei. 
        • International donations for community-based climate adaptation initiatives.
        • Supporting the humanitarian aid appeal to deliver food to the community during El Nino-driven droughts and the hunger crisis of 2016-17. 
        • Getting the communities’ Geographic Information System (GIS) on the map to facilitate food distribution and mobile healthcare.
        • Recovering part of the community’s land rights for school buildings.

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