Investing in Climate-Resilient Development

Investing in Climate-Resilient Development

SHE Foundation promotes joint investments and partnerships to build climate resilient communities in remote areas in Arid Lands.

SHE promotes joint investments and partnerships with International and National Foundations and local partners to support Climate-Resilient Community based initiatives of  Indigenous Communities. 

Climate change and the increased frequency and intensity of droughts and floods are leading to the desertification of Arid and semi Arid Lands in the Rift Valley. This is severely compounding the poverty of the local Maasai Communities who depend on natural resources and ecosystems for their livelihoods. Previously nomadic, many Maasai Communities have been forced to settle down, in remote areas of the Rift Valley in Kenya, due to the impacts of climate change and recurrent droughts on their ecosystems, natural resources, and livelihoods. The closest town with an electricity grid, water pipelines, schools, and medical facilities is located more than 20 miles (~40  km away; a day’s walk for most Maasai, or an hour’s motorcycle drive through desert shrubland and a dirt road). 

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