SHE Foundation objectives include the promotion of investments in build climate resilient communities, self-sufficiency and prosperity while conserving culture and protecting the planet. 

Key Initiatives include:

Investing in Climate-Resilient Development. SHE Foundation promotes joint investments and partnerships to build climate resilient communities in remote areas in Arid Lands. 

    • Climate Resilient School and Health Hub in Maasai Land. SHE Foundation is committed to fulfilling the education, health and climate-resilient development needs of a while preserving their cultural heritage and natural ecosystem.

Capacity building. SHE collaborates with communities, international organizations, local governments and civil society across a range of sectors to integrate health, education and gender equality in community based adaptation to climate change. A key component of our global work is promoting gender equality and education of girls and women to effectively engage them in preventing and responding to climate change threats.

Evidence-based policy and advocacy.  SHE provides leadership through solutions-oriented policy briefs, and webinars to inform communities and stakeholders on strategies and evidence-based policies to promote climate resilient development, health, and education.

Facilitating Partnerships.  SHE promotes partnerships with groups and organizations working at the intersection of climate resilience, health, nutrition, education, gender and sustainability facilitating collaboration opportunities. This approach leverages investments and resources in order to sustain a stronger impact at the community and international level


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