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SHE provides leadership through solutions-oriented policy briefs, and webinars to inform communities and stakeholders on strategies and evidence-based policies to promote climate resilient development, health, environment protection and sustainability. 

Evidence-based policy and advocacy. SHE’s advocacy work around the UN Framework Convention of Climate Change (UNFCCC) aims that local and global climate policies incorporate health, nutrition and gender in climate resilient development. SHE has engaged in the preparation of policy briefs and position papers for the UNFCCC. See attached. 

Contribution to IPCC and IPBES. SHE supports the provision of evidence on climate change, food, health and sustainability for policy making through our participation as lead author of the IPCC and IPBES. Cristina Tirado is Lead author.


SHE Foundation is co-organizing a series of webinars on “Climate-Resilient Development and Transformative Food Systems in the Covid19 era” with several UNFCCC observers including  Tzu-chi Foundation USA, Proveg International, UNEP and the UNFCCC Climate Technology Centre & Network (CTCN)

The objective of these webinars is to create a ‘solutions space’ to share resilience lessons learned from the Covid19 crisis, in a world challenged by the impacts of Climate Change, Malnutrition and Inequity, and identify climate-resilient solutions that contribute to Human/Food/Health Systems Resilience and to a healthy recovery.

Webinars as part of these series include: 

Session 1. Climate-Resilient Development and Transformative Food Systems in the Covid19 era

Session 2. Climate Change, Food Security and Covid19: challenges and opportunities.

Session 3: Climate Change and Food, Health and Social Systems Resilience: Lessons Learned from Covid19 crisis.  

Session 4. Transformative and Equitable Food Systems & Multi-sectoral approaches towards One Health & Planetary health.

Session 5. Growth after Covid19: inclusive, green and healthy recovery.

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